Our Foundation’s Mission Is:

“To enhance, via the arts, the lives of people with disabilities by providing the means, materials and support necessary to pursue and fulfill individual potential.”


The Brittany Maier and Friends Foundation was founded by Tammy Maier in honor of her daughter Brittany Maier who is blind, autistic, mentally disabled, and yet is one of the most gifted savant pianists in the world. Tammy nourished her daughter's desire to become a stage performer and helped Brittany's dream become a reality. Through the process, Tammy learned that across the nation there were not established music centers of instruction for people with disabilities, prompting her to start The Brittany Maier and Friends Foundation, which serves to provide the desired music centers needed in the United States.

Our Foundation’s Beliefs Are:

  • Each person with a disability should be given the opportunity to pursue their interest in music and the arts with quality and equality, and have available to them all the resources needed to grow and nurture their interest.
  • Parents of children with disabilities should be able to easily locate and enroll their child in music and art instruction whenever an interest exists.

Our Foundation’s Short Term Goal:

To provide a Music and Arts Center of Instruction for people with autism and special needs on Long Island, in a community where the largest concentration of people with disabilities in the state of New York exists. The local school district (Half Hollow Hills) serves over 180 students with Autism, and 1200 students with special needs.

Our Foundation’s Long Term Goals:

  • To provide a full-scale Music and Arts Center of instruction for people with autism and special needs in every state, using the New York location as a model for each.
  • To provide a learning center for progressive, accomplished and aspiring music teachers who wish to enhance their professional credentials through the unique and fulfilling experience of individual instruction with special needs students


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